Where is global warming in relation to the long-term temperature goal?
Friday, 1st December 2023

To interpret 2023’s extreme temperatures in the context of the Paris Agreement, including for the science community to understand how the Paris Agreement long-term temperature goal (LTTG) is interpreted and used in UNFCCC negotiations; and for the policy-making community (to understand how the chosen definition of temperature change affect the quantification of global warming to date)  Also, how to track these and other indicators of climate change between IPCC report cycles. 

2023 has broken global temperature records, but will such records continue to fall, and if so what are the longer-term implications? Over the next decade, global greenhouse gas emissions might be expected to peak and start to decline, but global temperatures can still be expected to breach 1.5°C of warming above their pre-industrial level with increasing frequency. With around 7 years until the next IPCC Assessment Report is expected, how can the UNFCCC and other stakeholders best access, incorporate and utilise trusted information on climate trends, to better understand and make assessments of where we are in terms of the Paris Agreement long-term temperature goal (LTTG)? And how can climate scientists support them in doing so? 

Jolene  Cook
Jolene Cook

Department for Energy Security and Net Zero

University of Leeds
Cheryl  Jeffers
Cheryl Jeffers

Department of Environment - Ministry of Agriculture, Marine Resources, Cooperatives, Environment and Human Settlements

Hadley Centre, Met Office
Nana Ama Browne  Klutse
Nana Ama Browne Klutse

Ghana Space Science and Technology Institute, Ghana Atomic Energy Commission
Matthew  Palmer
Matthew Palmer

Met Office Hadley Centre
Anna  Pirani
Anna Pirani

Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change (CMCC)
Maisa  Rojas
Maisa Rojas

University of Chile
Carl-friedrich  Schleussner
Carl-friedrich Schleussner

Climate Analystics gGmbH
Robert  Vautard
Robert Vautard

CNRS - Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement
Karina  Von Shuckmann
Karina Von Shuckmann

Mercator Ocean International
Xiaoye  ZHANG
Xiaoye ZHANG

China Meteorological Administration
Where is global warming in relation to the long-term temperature goal?


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