Transforming Education to Empower Youth and Enhancing the Participation of Young People in Climate Change Science and IPCC Process: Challenges, Opportunities, Lessons Learned
Friday, 8th December 2023

The session will focus on exploring the challenges, opportunities, lessons and impacts related to the participation of young people in climate change science and in the IPCC to promote the increased and improved participation of young people in climate change science and in the various aspects of IPCC Process and activities. 

Ladislaus  Chang'a
Ladislaus Chang'a

Tanzania Meteorological Authority (TMA)
Patricia  Crifo
Patricia Crifo

Professor, E4C and Climate and Sustainable Finance Commission of ACPR
Larissa  Demel 
Larissa Demel 

UNICEF Climate and Sustainability
Takeshi  ENOKI
Takeshi ENOKI

TFI Co-Chair
Eric  Guilyardi
Eric Guilyardi

Institut Pierre Simon Laplace / CNRS and President of the Office for Climate Education
Nana Ama Browne  Klutse
Nana Ama Browne Klutse

Ghana Space Science and Technology Institute, Ghana Atomic Energy Commission
Patricia  Nyinguro
Patricia Nyinguro

Kenya Meteorological Service
Juliet  Oluoch
Juliet Oluoch

Youth Advocate at C40cities, Research Associate Africa Research and Impact Network, Focal point YOUNGO Cities WG, Kenya
Sonia  Seneviratne
Sonia Seneviratne

Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science, ETH Zurich
Mxolisi  Shongwe
Mxolisi Shongwe

IPCC Secretariat
Francisca Cortés  Solari
Francisca Cortés Solari

President Philanthropy Cortes Solari
Jean-Pascal  Van YPERSELE
Jean-Pascal Van YPERSELE

Université catholique de Louvain (TECLIM)
Opportunities for Early Career Scientists to Contribute to IPCC work & the IPCC Scholarship Programme


Lessons learned and impacts of enhancing participation of young scientists in climate change science & IPCC – European perspective



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