2nd meeting of the Structured Expert Dialogue of the second periodic review (Part 2)
Tuesday, 2nd November 2021

As part of the second periodic review (PR2), the second structured expert dialogue (PR2-SED2) is taking place in three meetings. This is the event page for the second meeting (PR2-SED2), which will be taking place in conjunction with SBSTA 52-55 to be held during the Glasgow Climate Change Conference. As is the case with previous SED meetings, PR2-SED2 will aim to ensure scientific integrity in the UNFCCC process by providing space for focused scientific and technical exchange of views, information and ideas in an open and transparent manner. The meeting will adhere to any guidance provided for mandated COP 26 events

Part two will take place on 2 November 2021 and will focus on scientific information on observed impacts of climate change with inputs from WMO Regional Climate Centres, and other reports/input coordinated by relevant regional and sub-regional agencies and will benefit from inputs from the IPCC, OECD and the Third World Network. Other regional experts and organizations have been invited to join the discussions and/or participate in the poster sessions.


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