Regional climate Information: Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica
Monday, 8th November 2021

In this side-event the latest knowledge on climate change will be presented by IPCC authors for Australia, New Zealand (Australasia) and Antarctica from the recently released Working Group I contribution to the IPCC sixth assessment report. The session will provide an overview of the main changes that have been observed and are expected with further global climate change.  
For Australia and New Zealand additional findings for the key climatic impact drivers such as fire weather, marine heatwaves and snow cover will also be presented.  
For Antarctica the implications of Antarctic ice changes on global sea level will be described. 
The first part of the event will then conclude with a presentation of the IPCC Interactive Atlas, demonstrating how it facilitates exploration of many of the datasets used in the main assessment and also the synthesis information on climate change over Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica presented in the Summary for Policymakers and the Technical summary.
The second part of the event will comprise three breakout groups focusing on the regions: 1: Australia; 2: New Zealand; 3: Antarctica. The breakout groups will facilitate interaction between WGI authors and participants, providing the opportunity to raise and respond to questions, and discuss other comments or concerns. Each will be led by at least one facilitator, and a rapporteur from each group will report any key topics raised in the discussions back to plenary.

Jorge  Baño Medina
Jorge Baño Medina

Institute of Physics of Cantabria
Nicholas  Golledge
Nicholas Golledge

Antarctic Research Centre, Victoria University of Wellington
Pandora  HOPE
Pandora HOPE

Bureau of Meteorology
Maialen  Iturbide
Maialen Iturbide

Institute of Physics of Cantabria
Shayne  McGregor
Shayne McGregor

School of Earth, Amtosphere and Environment, Monash University
Olaf  Morgenstern
Olaf Morgenstern

National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)
Roshanka (RWMRJB)  Ranasinghe
Roshanka (RWMRJB) Ranasinghe

IHE Delft/University of Twente, The Netherlands
Blair  Trewin
Blair Trewin

Australian Bureau of Meteorology
Regional climate: Australia and New Zealand

Shayne McGregor

Regional climate and ice sheet response: Antarctica

Nick Golledge


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