Regional Climate Information: North and Central America
Tuesday, 9th November 2021

The event will focus on the most recent regional climate information for the North and Central America region based on the latest IPCC WGI AR6 relevant for impact and risk assessment. The climatic impact-drivers (CIDs) framework will be introduced and future projection of the most relevant CIDs, with their past trend observations and attribution will be highlighted for each of the 8 AR6 subregions of North and Central America. The events will be enriched by examples of CID projections at several global warming levels (1.5oC, 2oC and 4oC) illustrated by mean of the Interactive Atlas facility. The plenary discussion will be followed by a Q&A session in separated breakout rooms where specific topic in different languages will be discussed with the participants.

Paola Andrea  Arias Gomez
Paola Andrea Arias Gomez

Escuela Ambiental, Universidad de Antioquia
Ruth  Cerezo Mota
Ruth Cerezo Mota

UNAM / Laboratory of Engineering and Coastal Processes
Nathan P.  GILLETT

Environment and Climate Change Canada
Daniel  Martínez-Castro
Daniel Martínez-Castro

Instituto de Meteorología

National Center for Atmospheric Research
Alexander  Ruane
Alexander Ruane

NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Key messages from the IPCC WGI Report

Nathan Gillett

Climate change results for North and Central America

Linda Mearns

Reprise of climate change results for North and Central America

Ruth Cerezo-Mota

Climatic Impact Drivers (CIDs) relevant to North and Central America

Alex Ruane


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